Studio Purple was conceived as a boutique studio specializing in fashion and beauty retouching. At its core was a belief that retouching is an art and not just a post-production task.

To that end Studio Purple’s synergy brings your creative concepts to life. Our retouching maintains the integrity of an image while still meeting the needs of creative professionals. And, as artists, we understand the creative process and the difficulty involved in bringing creative concepts to life in a collaborative environment. Our experience has shown that meaningful communication is an essential but often overlooked part of the process often missing in large production studios. This is why Studio Purple remains a boutique studio where personal relationships guarantee personal attention.

Since its inception in 2003, Studio Purple has grown creatively to meet our clients’ growing demands for more photo compositing, photomontage and photo illustration. Our background in photorealism, traditional illustration and fine art painting provides the skill and know-how to meet those demands. Whether it’s seamlessly melding different elements to create a realistic composite image or creating a stylized photo illustration, bringing creative concepts to life is what Studio Purple is all about.

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